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We are two of Rhodes biggest supporters. As our headline states - the island really is far too exquisite to miss! Without any doubt it is the astonishing natural beauty that is the key ingredient of Rhodes unique charm. We have travelled the world and have rarely found anything that can come close to even rivalling the stunning scenery on view here. But it is far more than just the breathtaking coastline and countryside that make Rhodes stand head and shoulders above all other such islands....

With countless invasions over the centuries, this island has also gained an exciting and eclectic mix of cultures and styles. Such additions over the years have now all come together - making this beautiful Greek island rather unique and surprising. At our villa we have tried to emulate many of those surprises found on Rhodes with varied touches throughout that represent that very diverseness.

The charms to be found here on Rhodes can be small and quaint, quirky and extravagant, large and grandiose - never do you feel you are looking at the same thing twice. We really do urge people who have yet to visit Rhodes to do so as soon as possible. Equally if you have visited before but only stayed local to your accommodation you need to get out and explore as you will be truly astonished what can be seen all across the island.....

We have visited Rhodes several times since our first visit in 2004. Each time we discover more places and learn more about the island. This page shares some of the places we have discovered. Places we consider to be essential visits at some point during your stay....

Rhodes lies approx 11 miles (18 km) to the west of the Turkish shores, situated between the Greek mainland & the island of Cyprus.

The island of Rhodes is shaped like a spearhead, 79.7 km long and 38 km wide with a total area of approximately 1,398 km² (540 square miles) and a coastline of approximately 220 km. You will have plenty to explore if you wish....?

The stunning city of Rhodes is located at the far northern end of the island and this also includes the site of the ancient and modern commercial harbor, Mandraki harbor (packed with expensive yachts and glorious views). Positioned along the impressive wave breaker at Mandraki harbor are three medieval windmills that once ground the grains unloaded from the merchant vessels in the harbor. Today, they still stand tall, looking out to sea, a lasting tribute to the harbors past.

The cobbled streets of the old town are steeped in the history of the Knights Templar and the Crusades, with the magnificent Palace of the Grand Masters an essential visit. Many interesting shops and quality restaurants bring this area to life - particularly during the evening when the town is subtly lit, creating much atmosphere and intimacy. This whole area has been awarded the preservation status of an UNESCO World Heritage Center.

The new section of town boasts a vibrant and cosmopolitan way of life, with boutique shops, well known stores, bars and restaurants. The mix of the old and new areas combined make the city irresistible!

At the top of the town, 3 km from the main city is the Acropolis of Rhodes, with the partially reconstructed "Temple of Apollo" giving you a taste of the majesty ancient Greece offered. This acropolis dates from the Hellenistic period (3rd-2nd c. BC) and just below this is the impressive ruin of a stadium and a small theatre. It is situated in a large park, Monte Smith, named after William Sidney Smith (1764-1840).

Also on the outskirts of the city is Rodini Park. Recommended on a very hot day this is a cool, shady and peaceful stop off. A beautifully landscaped park that contrasts nicely with the nearby hive of activity of the city. Densely wooded, this nature walk will take you past tranquil streams and assorted wildlife, notably many peacocks.

Whilst in the city itself one of our suggestions would also be to take afternoon tea at the 1927 built Casino Rodos, this is a real treat in lovely surroundings. The casino is also good for a flutter and to experience the fine dining in one of the top class restaurants.

An often overlooked noteworthy fact is that Rhodes harbor was once one of the sites of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Built 280 B.C, the Colossus of Rhodes was a magnificent statue (about the size of New York's`s Statue of Liberty) that stood proudly in the harbor in Rhodes Old Town. The statue stood only for 53 years until it was destroyed by an earthquake. The architect of the statue was named Charis, who is believed to have been from Lindos, so he lived very close to the position of Villa Lindos Kalliopi.

The picture below shows one of the two statues of deer that sit on the footprint of the Colossus, at the mouth of Mandraki Harbour. The deer statues appear to have become the new icons of Rhodes...

In terms of fauna and flora you will find that Rhodes is more similar to Asia Minor than to the rest of Greece and you will find that the stunning interior of the island is mountainous, sparsely inhabited, with the occasional, unspoilt village and acres covered with forests of Pine and Cypress. Hire a car and drive around - you will be enthralled at what you see.

The Aegean Sea & the Mediterranean Sea provide breathtaking coastline.

Known as "The Sunshine Island", Rhodes boasts & basks in more than 300 days of sunshine every year.

Villa Lindos Kalliopi is superbly positioned very close to Lindos, one of the key attractions of Rhodos. World famous for the acropolis that sits on the mountain looking down on Lindos, the town is packed with history, tradition, charm, fine dining and an array of activities that cater for all tastes. Like Rhodes town, Lindos takes on a whole new atmosphere on the warm summer evenings and a night time visit is just as important as visiting in the day.

When visiting Lindos an essential visit is the restaurant and exquisite shop at Melenos Lindos. This is a truly stunning privately owned hotel is the jewel of the island, a special place that displays an imagination and passion not only with the culinary delights on offer but also within the walls and cascading terraces of this beautifully unique and inspirational hotel. The restaurant, besides being open for magical evening dining, now also offers a stunning lunchtime menu for you to enjoy. Telephone to book your table: (00 30) 22440 3222. Highly recommended (for more details see web site link further down this page).

Many describe Vliha (or Vlicha) Bay as one of the best places to enjoy views of Rodos. Panoramic views wrap around one of the finest beaches you could hope to find. The beach, bay and cove is also famed on Rhodes for excellent water sports activities but the area remains sedate, breathtaking and really is hard to beat. And Vlicha Bay is, of course, the location for Villa Lindos Kalliopi!5km further from Pefkos is Lardos, this offers a more traditional glimpse of Greek life and has many lovely bars and restaurants on offer both in and out of the main season.

Two of our biggest recommendations for dining are in the nearby town of Lardos (5 minutes by car) the first at "Roulas" - a restaurant taverna that is run by a lovely, welcoming family with an extensive menu offering gorgeous chef specialties, Greek specials and own recipe pizza. The best quality menu on Rhodes and a warm reception is guaranteed. To reserve, telephone (00 30) 22440 44300. "Roulas" is less than 10 minutes from the villa.

The second is the fantastic "Bojangles" (formerly "Sinatras" in Lindos). This exciting restaurant comes highly recommended by ourselves and by so many others. Again this is a family run restaurant ran by Peggy, Mike and Kara with delicious menus and great ambience. Full details on the link further down this page. Make sure you add "Bojangles" to your visit list!! Also less than a 10 minute drive from Villa Kalliopi.

Other nearby "secret beaches" like Vlicha include the nearby Plakia beach at Pefkos.

Just over 5 minutes drive away is Haraki, a really bequitiful fishing village with a wide range of lovely restaurants and tavernas including "Bottoms Up" that offers a stunning setting on the waters edge, excellent service and reccommended for the (not exactly Greek traditional) English breakfasts or their Fish and Chips. Haraki is also home to M&S car hire who we suggest as the best car hire company to use on the island. The promenade setting of Haraki makes this little town have a charm and atmosphere all of its own...

We also recommend a 15 minute drive to Glystra beach-another "secret" gem of a beach.

Rhodes is littered with charming Taverna`s. At Plimmiri beach you can enjoy a sensational fish menu and watch the sun set (see first, top picture, above).

At the southern end of the island of Rhodes is Prassonisi, where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet. It is a lovely place to stop at, marvel at the views and enjoy the large beach area. Prassonisi is a paradise for surfers, especially in July and August when the Meltemi winds are blowing. One can surf with his/her own equipment but there is always equipment for hire and a windsurfing school.

The expanse that is known as Ancient Kamiros should be visited, this area being the impressive ruins of one of the three powerful cities of Rhodes, from ancient times. It was only rediscovered in 1929 and has often been referred to as "the Greek Pompeii" - with nobody knowing exactly how and why this city was deserted and buried. The ruins are a fascinating monument to a past civilisation and can be visited most days, until mid afternoon. Kamiros is located thirty kilometers West of the current city of Rhodes!

Monolithos Castle- views from the top

The picture just above was taken from within the ruins of Monolithos Castle, perched on a rock 787 feet high and dating from before 1480,you will enjoy the most amazing panoramic views.

Climb towards Mount Profitis Ilias and the forest filled route will take you to sites many a tourist never ventures. One surprise, high up in the mountains, is a 1929 Italian built hotel, recently restored from derelict. Hotel "Elafos" is a charming stop for a drink, gazing down on the coastline far below.

The 14th Century Byzantine Chapel, named Nikolaos Foundoukli (Saint Nicholas of the Hazelnuts)is well worth a visit for the magnificent and ancient wall paintings inside.

The village of Sianna stands on the south side of the 823-m high Mount Akramytis and is famous for exquisite honey & the impressive church of Agios. The village is built at the foot of a rocky hill with a panoramic view over the coast and the little Greek islands around. Also try the local wine and the special drink of Suma at one of the local Kafenio(small cafes) and enjoy a Greek meal at a local taverna.

Hunt down the quaint water side "Paradise Taverna" when you drive down into the glorious Glyfada Bay. Our personal favourite place on Rhodes! The breathtaking rocky beach of Glyfada is situated 72 kilometers southwestern to the town of Rhodes, at the center of the western coast of the island. It is a beach ideal for those looking for a clean sea far from the big crowds. This is in a much more isolated position, not as populist or accessible as many of the beaches of the island but if you are looking for a change from the organized beaches, then here is your place! This is a bay for solitary souls or couples/families wanting peace in an area of glorious natural beauty. Recommended!

Another essential visit is Filerimos. This is a hill 15 km away from Rhodes-town. A beautiful drive to the upper part of Filerimos and you will find a large plateau and a selection of buildings. They include the foundations of a temple, an early Christian basilica, a monastery, a Byzantine church and a large cross monument that can be seen from miles around. The plateau is almost meadow like and is particularly charming at spring time. The plethora of buildings make for a fascinating exploration and the tree lined walkways offer pleasant shade on hot days.

At Kalithea you will find the stunningly restored Italian spa facilities, combined with exotic vegetation, beach cove and magnificent sea views. The Kalithea spa complex is a distinguished cultural monument and should be near the top of any one's list on a trip out along the coast. It was the principle location used in the movie "Escape to Athena" (1979 starring Roger Moore, David Niven, Stefanie Powers, Elliot Gould and Telly Savalas). This war time comedy drama was filmed entirely on location on Rhodes. Kalithea was also one of the many Rhodes locations for the movie "The Guns of Navarone" (1961 Gregory Peck, David Niven, James Darren, Anthony Quinn and Anthony Quayle). Actor Anthony Quinn, fell in love with Rhodes so much he bought Vagis Bay and this is now better known as Anthony Quinn Bay - another place we suggest a visit to.

Even the celebrated crime writer Agatha Christie wrote a short story entitled "Triangle of Rhodes" as part of a collection of tales published in 1936. Many years later, in 1989, ITV subsequently adapted this story of the detective Hercule Poirot` holiday on Rhodes, with David Suchet as "Poirot" the episode would see the majority of filming taking place in various locations across the island.

From Rhodes you can also take day visits by boat to the beautiful island of Symi (or Simi). Symi also belongs to the Dodecanese islands and is positioned just 24 nautical miles North West of Rhodes. This very small island has a very picturesque harbor and the daily boat trips (April-end of October) give you plenty of time to explore. Many of the trips also take in one of the island's most famous landmarks, on the South West coast, the monastery of the Archangel Michael Panormitis. This early 18th century building houses marvellous Byzantine frescoes and also an intricately carved iconostasis.

Boat trips to nearby Turkey can also be taken, going several times daily from Rhodes Mandraki harbor.

For a boat trip more local to the villa we can suggest "Summer Breeze Cruises" who can arrange a day out taking in the South East coast, with swimming stops and visits to a selection of beaches and bays. Link to web site below.

Rhodes is so diverse - in any one day you could choose to take in a winery, one of the many olive groves, a sandy or a pebble beach, breathtaking views, archaeological sites, a quiet life or a vibrant night life! Rhodes really is the perfect place to find absolute balance.

Villa Lindos Kalliopi offers the most perfectly positioned base to explore all that is mentioned on this page with ease...

At the villa we have comprehensive literature offering other suggestions on places you should visit. Please also feel free to contact us at any time if you need any specific help or advice in making sure you maximise your Rhodes experience to the best advantages.

Here is a small taste, from our private collection of photographs, of some of the areas mentioned.....

The Acropolis at Lindos-5 minutes drive away

The Acropolis at Lindos

Kalithea Spa- A cultural monument & famous movie location

Kalithea spa

The unspoilt and "secret" Glistra Beach- a short drive away

The nearby,and "secret" Glistra Beach

A Byzantine Chapel,14th Century

The historic and ancient

Hidden delights such as the charming "Paradise Taverna" at Glyfada Bay

Taverna at Glyfada Bay

Inland you find breathtaking mountain scapes

stunning scenery

Lindos: A short distance from Villa Lindos Kalliopi


Rhodes-Old Town

Rhodes old town

High on Mount Profitis Ilias a 1929 Italian built hotel

1929 Italian mountain hotel

Wineries in the mountains

Winery in the mountains

The Palace of the Grand Masters, Rhodes Old Town

The Palace of Grand Master, Rhodes Old Town

The mountain village of Sianna


The magnificence of the nearby island of Symi - an ideal day trip


The monastery at Filerimos


The ruins of the Ancient City of Kamiros

Ancient Kamiros

Mandraki harbor in Rhodes town

Mandraki harbor, Rhodes town

..and, below, from times gone by - "The Colossus of Rhodes" - One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World!

(painting by Salvador Dali, 1954)

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: The Colossus of Rhodes

New icons of the island - two statues of deer sit on the footprint of the Colossus, at the mouth of Mandraki Harbour.

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The wording and photographs on this web site are copyrighted to the villa owners. Please have the courtesy not to copy without obtaining our permission.

Painting by Emma Jane - contact us for more details on this talented Rhodes artist.

" The island of Rhodes has 43 TOWNS & VILLAGES. Rhodes has an estimated POPULATION of just 117,000 (54,000 of which live in the main city of Rhodes) "

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